February 12, 2010

Eco-Tip #3

Flowers can really make an impact at your wedding or event. Let them make a positive impact on your carbon footprint as well! There are easy ways to go eco-chic with your flowers...make sure to ask your florist the following:

1. What types of flowers will be in-season during my event?
2. What types of flowers will be in-season and local during my event?
3. What types of flowers will be in-season, local and organic during my event?
4. Do you know of any local hospitals or nursing homes that will accept my flowers the day after the event as a donation?

Buying organically grown flowers for your event is ideal but pricy! If that isn't an option, check out local and in-season varieties. In-season and local flowers will not only cut your bill down, but it will also insure that your flowers traveled less miles to get to your big day. Since you will not likely be able to enjoy your flowers the next day, think about donating them to someone who will. It is a great way to brighten the day of someone else!

Have a blissful holiday weekend!

February 8, 2010

Stay on top of it!

The best thing to do once you get engaged is to get organized!  Here are a few of my organization recipes:

The Never Leave Home Without It Binder
1 1-inch to 1/12-inch binder, preferably one you can spice up with pictures in the front!
Several page dividers with fill-in tabs
Several clear sheet protectors
3-hole punch
Glue stick
Scrap Paper
Lots and Lots of wedding magazines

First, go through the wedding magazines and cut out anything that inspires you! Channel your inner-scrapbooker and paste your inspirations on scrap paper and insert into the sheet protectors. Vendors love it when you have visuals to assist you with your plans!

Some tabs that I would start with include:

Checklist, Calendar, Budget, Fashion/Beauty, Stationery, Ceremony, Reception Venue, Rentals, Photography/Videographer, Florist, Catering, Music, Cake, Hotels, Creative Extras, Honeymoon

Add any you need and forget those you don't! Once you start signing contracts, getting receipts, etc. punch them and put them in the binder! Always have a paper trail...it is in your best interest!

This is what mine looks like...no I'm not writing a ransom letter!=)

The Cutesy Carry All Tote

To keep your binder easy to carry, take your cuteness a step further and make a tote bag for you to keep it all in. This is what mine looks like:

I used my wedding colors to really spice it up! Go wild and get in touch with your creative side!

Can't find your creativity, give me a call!