July 31, 2012

Times...they are a changin'

Well, as you have noticed, I've been the worst blogger EVER...and on a month I wanted to blog everyday....so embarrassed!

But, a big decision was made this month. So, there is a win, right?

With the hustle and bustle of life getting in the way of the blissful lagniappe (i.e.blogging!), it has become borderline impossible to maintain two blogs. Yep, I've had this blog and a personal blog...crazy, I know! The Leafy Green, has been a blog that celebrates good food, fun DIY projects and the every-day silliness of our lives. With getting involved with more community projects, being blessed with more clients AND an upcoming personal move, the decision was a pretty obvious one.

Instead of maintaining two blogs, I've decided to consolidate the blogs and share it all here! Beyond weddings and events, I'll now be sharing some fun recipes for the next time you entertain at home, a few blissfully simple DIY projects inspired by Pinterest (of course!), and some other fabulousness!

I hope you stay tuned!

July 12, 2012

Facility Coordinator vs. Day-of Wedding Coordinator

First of all, let me apologize for failing at my own blogging challenge! When I imagined my July, I never in a million years expected it to be this INSANE!  Typically, it's a time of reflection, enjoyment and reorganization. However...this July has been a time of transition, hectic schedules and more transition. We are in the middle of my husband starting a new job and packing our home up, putting it on the market and searching for our new dream home. It's been a bit rough. Moving out all of our pictures and little trinkets that help make our house feel like a home has been harder than I anticipated. I love our home...I got engaged there and we started our little family there...leaving will be challenging. But, I know there are bigger and better things on the horizon. With all that being said, I'm putting on my big girl pants and dealing with it!

Anyway, back to business!

When I meet with potential clients, more than not the topic of facility coordinators vs. a day-of wedding coordinator is brought up. Luckily, I can share a very unique view of this topic, having started my love affair with weddings when I was a facility coordinator at a local plantation years ago.

So, let me share the good, the bad and the ugly!

What is a facility coordinator? A facility coordinator is hired by the facility, be it a church, plantation or reception hall, to ensure that the clients leave pleased with their choice to host their function at that venue while staying within that facility's policies and procedures. Obviously, every facility coordinator is different. Some go above and beyond the call of duty, while others do exactly what is necessary. Every venue is also different, so don't hesitate to ask very detailed questions before booking.

When I was a facility coordinator, I typically did not have contact with the bride until the week of the wedding. I was present at the rehearsal to ensure that the rules of the facility were mentioned to the wedding party and families. On the day of the wedding, I helped the vendors set up and made sure everything ran smoothly and everyone was pleased. If the bride forgot something or missed a big step in her planning (i.e. didn't order enough flowers, estimated guest count was off, poorly researched vendors before hand, etc.), there was very little I could do as a facility coordinator to help her on that day. We always made it work but there were times when the bride did have to make some compromises because some steps were skipped.

The major role of a facility coordinator is to be an advocate for the facility. To make sure the facility provides everything promised in the contract while making sure all guests, vendors and the couple follow the facility rules while having a fabulous event. The biggest take away, is that the facility coordinator will only be in attendance or able to help with the activities happening during the event at that particular facility. She isn't going to help with the coordination of the ceremony if you are only having your reception at her venue and vice versa. If you have the facility for three hours, you have the coordinator for three hours.

Please know that most facility coordinators in the Baton Rouge area are pure pleasures to work with and truly care about the importance of a successful wedding day....but here is the major difference...

What is a day-of wedding coordinator? A day-of wedding coordinator is an outside individual, not affiliated with a specific venue, that handles all the details of your entire wedding day. Hopefully, the couple communicates with this individual throughout the planning process to ensure familiarity is established and that all details are tied up and ready to go for the big day.

The day-of wedding coordinator might be a traditional wedding planner but, with this particular situation, was probably not involved with every small detail and step of the planning process. A day-of coordinator is typically hired to make sure the plans of the bride come to fruition. Basically, for the bride who just needs a little organization for the last bit of her planning process.

Any wedding planner will tell you, our preference is to be involved from step one...assisting with the event design to make sure every detail is cohesive and fabulous...making sure every potential crisis is averted from day one...and, most notably, that every possible want, wish and desire of the couple is met from the beginning. With this being said, I am still tickled pink when a bride contacts me towards the middle of her engagement asking for a day-of wedding coordinator.  Although all of my packages are custom made to fit the specific needs of my Bliss brides, typically, my day-of coordination services have me entering the scene no later than the last month of the planning process to be a liaison between the bride and the various vendors and communicating the detailed timeline and set up of the entire wedding day; in addition to being there and handling the details of the rehearsal, set up, ceremony, reception and break down.

The major role of a day-of wedding coordinator is to be an advocate for the bride. To make sure that she is provided everything that every vendor has promised and that all needs of the couple are met throughout the entire wedding. Every wedding coordinator is different, so make sure to ask detailed questions before signing a contract.

Can you and should you have both? You absolutely can have both a facility coordinator and a day-of wedding coordinator! In fact, I encourage it! This just ensures that any challenge or crisis that occurs can be handled with ease. You have an advocate for you and the facility...so all I's are dotted and all T's are crossed! Most facility coordinators breathe a sigh of relief when you tell them you have an outside coordinator because the extra set of hands just ensures that everything can be done quicker, smoother and more fabulously!

Ultimately, you have to do what's best for you. But, I will point out that when you hire professionals to handle your wedding day...the stress of "will everyone show up on time? will everything be set up the way I like? what if something happens and I'm getting my hair done?, etc." is gone and all you have to do is focus on the importance of the day and the beautiful celebration of your new journey with the love of your life!

If you have any questions or need clarification on any of the statements above, please don't hesitate to contact me at blissbyrachel@gmail.com.

July 5, 2012

{Review} Tan Towel...FAIL!

Leading up to a wedding, I get an ear-full from almost every bride about the diets and beauty secrets she has discovered to try before her wedding day. They range from workout routines to cleansing diets to body scrubs or oils to tanning solutions.

The pressure we put on ourselves to be the perfect beauty is a little insane...but, my vanity makes me just as guilty as any of them...so no judgement here!

Anyway, my heart always goes out to those that suffer the same ailment that I do...the absolutely, will not tan for anything-itis. It's a real thing. When one of my brides went on and on and on about a solution, I'll admit...I got a little excited.

The solution that she found was.... Tan Towels. I've never been able to apply self-tanner without streaking but she ensured me that I would be just fine...so I bought some and I tried them...and, well...see for yourself...

Seems harmless, right?

This is the "before" shot..told you I was pale!

I was thrilled that it was an easy clean up. Just tossed the towel and rinsed my hands and DONE!

This was about two hours later...you can start to see a little streaking on my calf...

Awesome job four hours later...

Now, before the endless laughter begins, let me say that I was so hesitant to hit "publish" after I loaded the photos...out of sheer embarrassment. But, I decided "what the heck", based solely on the point that I want every bride and bridesmaid to seriously think about self-tanners before the big day. Obviously, there is no "perfect" self-tanning solution. If you are a big goof like I am...you never know what you'll end up with! My opinion, stay out of the tanning beds (seriously, don't do that to yourself!) and leave the fake tanning application to the professionals!

Thankfully, a little lemon juice and some salt...scrub, scrub, scrub...and I was back to my pale self!

July 2, 2012

Blissful Blogging Challenge

So, the month of July will be dedicated to blogging!
With only one wedding in July, I have a little breather before the hustle and bustle of the Fall begins. I want to take this opportunity to reflect, rejuvenate and grow! To do that, I'll be blogging as often as possible this month...sharing my thoughts, opinions, goals and projects...as well as a couple weddings here and there!

Just to give you an idea of my mindset, here are a few goals I have for this month:
1. Organize...not just physically (my office, blog, etc.)...but my thoughts and goals as well.
2. Create...let's have some fun with some DIY projects!
3. Network...there are so many fabulous people in this city and state...we should probably meet!
4. Enjoy...summers are meant to be enjoyed! So I want to make sure I take a moment and just relax!
What are some of your goals for this month?