about rachel


This is a blog about a couple of my passions...yep, I'm lucky to have quite a few!

I love...love, love, love...to entertain. I'm a wedding and event planner that loves to feed people and watch them have fun. Bliss Events by Rachel is my special events company in South Louisiana specializing in creating blissfully wonderful weddings and social events. Weddings and dinners and parties and more...I love them all and hope you enjoy me sharing!

I love...love, love, love...to turn trash into treasure. I'm a DIY junkie with a Pinterest problem. Seeing furniture on the side of the road begging for a new coat of paint really gets my creative juices flowing! I'm not a designer but I love to pretend I am. Our home is a collection of our projects and I love to share, so get ready!

I love...love, love, love...to eat good food. I'm a vegetarian with vegan tendencies that is currently having a love affair with refreshing fruits, zesty veggies and, as always, leafy greens! I'm not a chef or even a good cook...but I try and that's what matters! I love to walk around my local produce stand for inspiration and I'll try anything twice...so saddle up and let's have a food adventure!
Lastly, I love...love, love, love...my family. I'm married to the most understanding, patient and carefree person around! I like to fly and Chris seems to know when it's best to soar and when it's best to nest...its awesome. He is also a fabulous cook. We both love to eat, drink and have adventures...basically, we have a lot of fun. In May 2011, we started the most fun adventure ever when we were blessed with our adorable little girl, Lily. Seriously, she is so cool. To make our lives a little more entertaining, we have three other "children"...a cocker spaniel named Oliver and two mildly crazy cats named Lola and Mr. Kitty. Something is always happening at our house...which make for fun blog posts!

To recap, this blog celebrates my passions of food, DIY projects and good fun...all while trying to save the world. Enjoy!

(photo taken by Chantilly Love)