April 29, 2011

{Real Party} APLU Spouses Planning Meeting

Recently, we were given the opportunity to welcome several Chancellor and President Spouses from universities across the country for a few days on the LSU campus. The main purpose was for the group to meet to plan their big conference in the Fall, but I took it as an opportunity to have some fun!

Unfortunately, I was running around so much I wasn't able to get a ton of photos. Even more unfortunately, the ones below were taken with my phone and they are pretty crummy! Despite all of that...I'm going to share them anyway! Enjoy!

These fun little baskets welcomed each guest as they checked into their hotel room.

The group enjoyed lunch at the Rural Life Museum.
The tables were set with vintage china and silver...it felt like you were going back in time! I just loved it!

A close up of the place cards and menu cards printed on ivory card stock. Drake's Catering did a fabulous job with the food!

They also enjoyed dinner at the LSU Museum of Art. The centerpieces from Billy Heroman's Flowerland were gorgeous white arrangements in paint tins with paints and brushes scattered around the table.

A close up of the place cards and menu cards printed on white card stock. Tsunami served sushi appetizers on paint palettes. (I could kick myself for not taking photos!)

The best part of the trip was the other attending event coordinators. It was so great to brainstorm and chat with them about various event details! Gotta love networking!

April 10, 2011

{Cricut Creations} Shower Hostess Gifts

Last weekend, my husband and I were showered with gifts by his family and our Baton Rouge friends. I'd share pictures but the only ones that my husband took were pretty unflattering...so sorry! I wanted to get all of the 13 hostesses something personalized and special so...I got the Cricut out and got to work!

Of course, I had to match the gift wrapping to the colors of the shower! So hot pink and lime green it was!