January 24, 2012

{Real Wedding} Melanie + Andrew

Oh these pictures are so much fun!

Melanie, being a fabulous graphic designer, was every wedding planners dream...calm, collected and creative! Being a sucker for bright colors, you know I loved her color scheme! The Black Bear Country Club in Delhi, Louisiana was just dripping in hot pinks and oranges...from the linens to the flowers to the oh so tasty candy bar! Mixed with the wonderfully warm weather that a Louisiana August can bring, this bride really couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day!

Her and Andrew were so adorable on their big day...so obviously in love! I can just feel their warmth when looking at these photos and I know you will be able to too...enjoy!

Let's just pause for a momment...how fabulous is this pictures!!

Is this not precious! Love her face!

Photographer: Mark Eric Photography
Flowers: Cindy Foust
Hair/Make Up: James McCrady
Music: Rob Lloyd Party Starters
Invitations & Signage: Innovative Invitations


January 21, 2012

{Dear Rachel} Please no gifts!

Dear Rachel,

What is the etiquette for requesting guests NOT bring gifts to a birthday party. I am planning my daughter's first birthday party and only want to celebrate her birth, not make it about presents.

Thoughtful Mommy
Ottowa, Ontario

How beautifully simple! I changed your name to "Thoughtful Mommy" because I think you are being just that. By asking your guests not to bring gifts, you are taking the pressure off your friends and family to find the perfect gift while keeping your little girl's room a little less crowded! There are only so many toys, dolls and outfits a one-year old needs...so, in my opinion, you are making a wise choice!

The best way to get this message to your guests is to state it on the invitation. You can word it several different ways, but I love this little gem:

Please no gifts. Your presence is our present.

It's short, sweet and leaves little room for interpretation without being rude. Place this on the bottom of the invitation, below any directional information or RSVP requests so it is seen but not obnoxious. Now, if you are inviting people in person or over the phone, just mention it nonchalantly.

Your guests should not only understand and respect your wishes...but they will probably thank you for taking something off their "to-do" list! Also, don't be upset if you have guests that ignore your wishes and bring a gift anyway. In that situation, I would discreetly put the gift in a back room to open after everyone has left. I definitely would not open it at the party because I would hate to draw attention to the guest that didn't follow the "rules" or make the guests that did feel silly for not bringing something. Just open after the party and follow up with a nice thank you note.

I hope you and your little princess have a wonderful birthday party! Enjoy!

January 20, 2012

{Dear Rachel} A new blog series!

Do you have a question regarding your upcoming event or wedding?
Have a crazy situation and you aren't sure of the proper etiquette?
Just need a little advice but aren't sure who to ask?

{Dear Rachel} is here to help!

Email your questions or situations to blissbyrachel@gmail.com with the subject line: Dear Rachel and I'll blog my responses here. Don't worry, all names will be changed to protect the fabulous!

Now, start sending those questions!

January 7, 2012

{Real Party} Oliver's 3rd PAW-ty!

So, we recently had another birthday party for my wonderfully amazing, three year old cocker spaniel, Oliver. I know how ridiculous this sounds...but before you judge...we really only sent an e-vite out to all his "friends" inviting them to a play date at the Dog Park. It was so much fun watching them all interact...well, it would have been if they would have ever left our sides! We couldn't get any good pictures of them because they stayed right at our feet! Regardless, I think they all had fun!

A close-up of our very diry, very tired bithday boy!

I made little "treat" bags for his friends as a thank you for helping us celebrate! I filled these little paper bags with a couple Milkbones and other tasty puppy treats and added a little note that coordinates with the invite. Very simple!

How do you celebrate your four-legged friends big days?