January 25, 2010

Eco-Tip #2

Reduce the amount of paper in your invitations. Simple and unnoticeable change but lasting impact!

Personally, I am not ready for wedding e-vites. Kudos if you are embracing this earth (and budget) friendly option, but my mother would kill me. If your family is like mine, remember baby steps! Toss the inner envelope...in reality it serves no purpose. If you want to collect RSVPs, think about doing a postcard instead or push them to your wedding website to RSVP online. Both of this simple suggestions can help cut down on what you spend on postage and assist with your wedding's carbon footprint! Good for the planet and your pocketbook! Win-Win!

When purchasing your invitations, take it a step further by looking at products made from recycled materials or other earth-friendly options. Most of the vendors in Baton Rouge and almost every national invitation chain offer these products so check them out and take advantage!

January 12, 2010

Think about the weather

When planning your outdoor ceremony, consider Mother Nature!

I just coordinated a wedding for a bride who was determined to get married outside. Problem was it was 28 degrees outside and her guests were NOT happy with her! If you are determined to get married outside, think about avoiding the extremely cold months and the extremely hot months...your guests will thank you!

My grandmother always told me that it was good luck if it rained on your wedding day. Well, good luck aside...have a rain plan! Don't stress yourself out the day-of because you see rain clouds and have no idea what to do. Plan in advance and your day will be (some-what) stress free!

January 4, 2010

Save a little (or a lot) on your catering bill!

Although everyone on your guest list should be thanking their lucky stars that they were invited to your wedding, truth is not everyone will plan on attending. Even those that RSVP'd with good intentions, might not actually show up. Their loss...remember you are FABULOUS!
Unfortunately, if you confirm 200 guests with the caterer and only 150 guests attend...you will not be reimbursed for those missing 50 guests. I know the saying goes "better be safe than sorry" but if your caterer is charging $30-$40 per person, you might be out a ton of cash!
If you are not requesting RSVPs, I suggest your confirm 75-80% of the guest count with the caterer. If you are accepting RSVPs, I suggest you only confirm 90% of those as well. Here is the deal, things happen that will keep your guests away...illness, traffic, laziness...don't pay the price!
Talk with you caterer about this beforehand. Let them know that it might be possible that more guests arrive and you are more than ready to write them a check for those afterwards. Trust me, you would rather pay for guests you know where there and enjoyed themselves then pay for guests that enjoyed a night at home instead!