May 14, 2010

Click, Click, BUY!

I do a TON of online shopping so that remained the case when it came to my wedding. It is convenient and you can "shop around" a little easier to make sure you get the best price.

But with the good, comes the bad! Shopping online takes a little of the fun out of shopping for your big day, but mainly, shopping online can be a little deceiving. The "small print" is always smaller, colors vary based on computers and shipping can sometimes cost an arm and a leg!

If saving time and a little cash wins out in the long run, here are some suggestions:

  • Always Google coupon codes for your purchase. I've been very successful with this! You never know what you will shipping, 15% off...every little bit helps!
  • Read other customer reviews...both the good and the bad! This can really save you from making a bad decision!
  • Stay away from making the "big" purchases online. If you are going to be devastated if it is a little off from what you were expecting, think twice about an online purchase.
  • Review the return policy! Please review the return policy!

May 4, 2010

LOVE this idea!

I am a really big fan of different and creative "extras". I like to think of artsy photo opportunities that will make looking back at your special day even more fun! Check out this Etsy vendor who makes creative wire hangers for your wedding gown!

Just a little something different!

Have a blissful day!